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Courex was incorporated in Year 2009 as a Courier Service company. During the 6 years journey, Courex had evolved into a 3rd Party Logistics company who support (Warehousing and Delivery) retailers in their logistics operation. 

Courex is currently managing 20,000 Sq Ft of warehouse space and fulfilling the last mile delivery within her own delivery network. 

Courex had been investing heavily in technology innovations over the last 5 years and developed StoreViva ( in house Last Mile Logistics System ) that gives further value to her customers across the retail industry. 

The 4 business functions performed by Courex are: 

1. Good Receipt: to receive the goods from retailers 
2. Storage: to store the goods until they are required 
3. Picking: to pick the goods when they are required 
4. Delivery: to sort the parcel, to optimise route and deliver the goods to the end



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